Monday, May 10, 2004

Compiled Rating

A Compiled list of ratings for the games played at WAGS
K: Kozure

Ra (E:10)

El Grande (E:9,S:9)
Tigris and Euphrates (E:9,S:9)
Intrige (E:9)

Princes of Florence (E:9, S:7.5)
Puerto Rico (E:8,S:9)
Traders of Genoa (E:7.5,S:9)
Pirate's Cove (E:8.5,S:8.5)
Duel of Ages (E:8.5,S:8)
Lord of the Rings (E:8.5)
High Society (E:8.5)

Lowenhurtz (E:8,S:8)
Modern Art (E:8,S:8,K:8)
Blokus (E:8,S:8)
Battle Cry (S:8)
Domaine (E:8.5,S:7.5)
Way Out West (E:8)
Robo-Rally (E:8.5,S:7.5)

Illuminati: New World Order CCG (E:7,S:8))
Sid Meier's Civilization (E:6.5,S:9)
Deadwood (E:7.5,S:7)
Citadels (E:7.5,S:7)
Ideology (E:6.5,S:8)
Conspiracy (E:7.5, K:8, S:7)
Memoir '44 (E:7.5)
Ticket to Ride: Europe (E:7.5)

Star Wars Epic Duels (E:7,K:9,S:6)
Ticket to Ride (E:7,K:7.5,S:7)
Firefly- Space Traders! (E:7,S:7)
Carcassonne (E:7,S:7)
Risk: Lord of the Rings (E:7,S:7)
Lord of the Rings: Sauron (E:8.5, S:5.5)
Formula De (E:7.5, S:6)
Formula-Motor Racing (E:6.5, S:7)
Unexploded Cow (E:7,S:7)
Witch Trial (E:7)
Can't Stop (E:7)

Settlers of Catan (E:6.5,S:6)
Chez Geek (E:7,S:5.5)
Carcassonne: Dragon and the Princess (E:6.5)

Arkham Horror
Shadowrun CCG (E:6,S:6)
Kill Dr. Lucky (E:6,K:6,S:6)
Bang! (E:6,S:6)
Zero! (E:7,S:5)
Chrononauts (E:5,K:6.5,S:6.5))
Hero Clix (E:5,S:6.5)

Star Munchkin (E:5,S:6)
Wreckage (E:5,S:6)
Mystery of the Abbey (E:4, S:6.5)
Betrayal at House on the Hill (E:6,K:6,S:4.5)
Kung Fu Samurai (E:5.5,S:5)

Zombies! (E:5)
Captain Park’s Imaginary Polar Expedition (S:6.5,E:4)
U.S. Patent #1 (E:5)

Wreck of the Pandora (E:4,S:3)

Falling! (E:2,S:3)

Not Yet Played

Buffy the Vampire Slayer (Score NYP)


  1. Can't beleive I forgot those ones (Star Wars Epic Duels and Kill Doctor Lucky)
    My ratings on these two:
    Star Wars Epic Duels: 7.5
    Kill doctor Lucky: 6

  2. Hmm. Ratings. Always a little problematic, since they mean different things to different people. Although I suppose it all evens out in the end. I'm assuming that a 5 is "fine" - it works, it is at least mildly diverting, and mostly unmemorable. A "10" game would be a game that one is unable to stop thinking about for an extended period after playing, fully engrossing, infinitely replayable, and little to no reliance on random factors withour being overly determined. Go and Chess are timeless classics for a reason, eh? A "0"? Dr. Who, the collectible card game. Worst game ever. If ever there is a zero, it's that one, and I will go into a rant some other time. I would even give a "1" to , oh, I don't know, "Throwing A Sledgehammer At Rats in the Sewer", but would only give that Dr. Who game a "0". It's that bad.

    Anyway, ratings will be in the next comment, since I've ran on so long here.

  3. I'll do a more detailed version of this as a post, but for now:

    9's- El Grande, Traders of Genoa, Puerto Rico

    8's - Illuminati: New World Order, Duel of Ages, Princes of Florence

    7's - Citadels, Deadwood, Firefly: Space Traders

    6's - Settlers of Catan, Bang!, Star Munchkin, Shadowrun, Wreckage, Star Wars: Epic Duels, Kill Dr. Lucky

    4's - HeroClix

    3's - Wreck of the Pandora, Falling!

    RNA (Rating Not Applicable)- Firefly the Game

    UBUBS (Unrated Because Unplayed By Shemp)- Carcassonne, Robo-Rally, & Zombies!.

    P.S. - I've been doing some ~Linkification!~, so if you notice that this post has been edited by me, well, that's the reason. Try it! It's Fun!

  4. Seeing as this is months later, I don't know if this will be seen - that said, here are some updated rankings for you, Easy. These are for games where my rating doesn't seem to be incorporated into the above list, or for where my rating has changed. I'll probably cross-post somewhere else, too.

    Tigris and Euphrates - 9
    Ticket to Ride - 7
    Domaine - 7.5
    Carcassonne - 7
    Chrononauts - 6
    Hero Clix - 6
    Lowenherz - 8

  5. Hey, nice format revision!

    Much cleaner.