Tuesday, January 18, 2005

The Theme Bank

Usually, I have trouble thinking up good themes for WAGS night, but this week I was struck by several ideas. I'm going to put them in the comments. Y'all should do the same with any spare themes you have kicking around. Now, or in the future, for community use.

Once a theme is placed in the bank, it can be used by any other WAG at any time. Try to include possible game matches. Themed food is optional.

Think of it as our version of "take a penny, leave a penny."


  1. Theme: I don't want the world: I just want your half.

    Games: Illuminati: New World Order
    Ideology: The War of Ideas
    Food: Things associated with expansionist . . powers. Schnitzel, maybe. Or vodka.

  2. Theme: Kill the Leader
    Games: Any where there are open scoring.
    El Grande, for example. Ideology.
    Settlers of Catan, perhaps.

  3. Since I have a few of them, an "Unplayed Cheapass Games" Night might work.

    Cheapass games that I have that we have not played:

    Unexploded Cow
    US Patent No. 1
    Save Dr. Lucky
    ...one or two others - forgotten their names.

    In any case, we could then successfully say we have played all the Cheapass Games in my collection.

  4. Theme: Deadwood

    Games: Deadwood, Bang!, the Great Brain Robbery (not quite a western, but a western concept).

  5. Can add "Way out West" to the theme above.

    "Knizia Night" is another possibility.

    "Card Games Only"

    "Food-Themed Games" Mama Mia, Bohnanza, Food Fight

    "Renaissance Fair" Princes of Florence, Traders of Genoa, etc.

    "Cooperative Night" LotR, SoC, Arkham Horror

  6. 1. Knizia night has been done (although not too succesfully...http://wagsociety.blogspot.com/2005/02/sauron-tough.html), although there could be so many combinations we could have lots of these.

    2. Cards only has also been done by us(http://wagsociety.blogspot.com/2004/11/so-many-cards.html), but again, there are lots of possibilities for this.

    3 & 4. Sounds tasty

    5. Sounds like it would take an extended WAGS session to fit this in... BUT I WOULD LOVE TO DO IT!

  7. Hey! This is getting used!

    That's cool.

  8. "Vampire Night" - Any combination of: "Vampire: Prince of the City", "Buffy the Vampire Slayer", "Fury of Dracula", "Vampire: The Eternal Struggle" and "Betrayal at House on the Hill" - maybe in time for Hallowe'en?

  9. Shempezuela Is A Harsh Mistress.

    I bet you didn't know much about the terrain of Shempezuela.

    'tis mountainous: Can't Stop
    'tis dry: Through The Desert
    'tis jungle: Tikal

    Kind of an Indiana Jones thing going on, with ramping up game complexity.
    Diamante would be an appropriate filler, if anything more was required.

  10. Theme: Lightning Round

    (Dexterity/Time-based Games)

    Wheedle, Jungle Speed, Space Trader