Thursday, May 13, 2004


Just a quick note to my co-bloggers -> I've been doing some linkification inside old posts, mainly to test my chops. If you notice any edits, they were by me, and solely for linking purposes.

Also, I'm playing w/ the layout, first by adding a link to the Big Game List at the top of the sidebar, and second by adding a links section to the sidebar. I figure it can be for quick links to game publishers sites, reviews, good online game stores, etc. Leave any links you would like in the comments, and I'll get them up there. (Can all of you edit the layout, or just me? I'm curious about that.)


  1. Not only can we not play with the layout, but we can't edit each other's posts!

    I think a link to Jogo Canada would be good

  2. Ask and you shall receive.