Thursday, June 03, 2004

52 Pick-Up

Last night, the game of choice was 52 Pick-Up.
First, I did it to Shemp, and we both laughed.
Then, he did it to Kozure. Kozure couldn't stop giggling, so we had to stop for a little while until he composed himself.
After that, Kozure tried to do it to ?????, but he started giggling again, so he didn't do it right. ????? was upset because he was really looking forward to it, so he stood on the table and hooted until Kozure agreed to do it again.
And so it went until we had all done it to each other. Then we kept doing it.
This isn't my favorite type of game, but it does have more depth than I had originally thought. Fooling your opponent when they already know what is going to happen can take a lot of keen strategy. For example, the obvious "My gums are bleeding!" only works once, so crafty solutions are necessary... I think we can all agree that Shemp's "My navel is bleeding!" didn't work on anyone, but ?????'s "Hey look, it's Klaus!" was gold.


Til' next time