Tuesday, July 13, 2004

Communication Received

Kozure has selected; the theme for this week is "TRAVEL". His edited message below:

Recently arrived is "Ticket to Ride". Apparently it's a quick play, even with four or five players, so I'll take one other choice. The other game we'll try is "Chrononauts", a game of time-travel, which I haven't been able to test with multiple players yet (it had one or two plays with two player and seemed interesting). If we still have some time to kill, I'd also like to try out "Castles", which has nothing to do with the theme, but needs multiple-player evaluation anyway.

In keeping with the hot weather, the need for a relatively quick and easy meal to allow for learning and playing several games, and the theme of "travel", the meal this week will be a "picnic".

Cole-slaw, potato salad, cold cuts, vegetables and buns.

See you torrow!

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