Sunday, August 29, 2004

Enhanced (?) Navigation

All - after an offhand comment of Kozure's about being unable to find the entry on a certain game session, I was inspired. Please notice the results of this inspiration, over in the sidebar to the left. I've moved "Links" to the top of the page, and added a new "Navigate by Game" section immediately below that. Games are listed alphabetically, and all archived session reports are included, through the end of August. I'll try and keep the list maintained and (somewhat) up to date.

Let me know what you think - useful? not? something else?

Also, new suggested links are always welcome - would throwing one for Board Game Geek be beneficial?

Talk to me.


  1. Holy Cow, Shemp, you are a madman.

    If you're willing to keep it up and current, fantastic. I just think it might turn out to be a lot of work, but it's a handy tool as you set it up so far.

  2. A bit of work the first time around, but really, it's only adding a couple of lines of code each week. Now that it's set up, should only be 5-10 mins.

    I'm just glad that the sidebar is longer now. The discrepancy between it and the main frame has always bothered me from an aesthetics p.o.v..

  3. Could you throw a link to my "Games Played" post? I've been keeping it updated.


  4. It's done - Session History in the first entry under "Links". Any chances of the Compiled Game Ratings being kept up to date? I could just kill the link if we don't want it there. Let me know.

  5. Cross-posting this response from the "Compiled Rankings" thread, on the theory that Easy will never see it there:

    Here are some updated rankings for you, Easy. These are for games where my rating doesn't seem to be incorporated into the above list, or for where my rating has changed. I'll probably cross-post somewhere else, too.

    Tigris and Euphrates - 9
    Ticket to Ride - 7
    Domaine - 7.5
    Carcassonne - 7
    Chrononauts - 6
    Hero Clix - 6
    Lowenherz - 8

  6. Shemp,
    thanks for the ratings.

    I have been trying to keep it up to date, so don't kill it. I just thought that no one else was rating games!

    I'll edit the list per your new numbers...

    It's too bad there is no way to sort the blog by latest entry. Adding comments to an older blog is almost pointless because it's unlikely to be read as it is.

  7. Well, that's the nature of the beast, eh? Let me try to see if I can add you to the auto-notify list.

  8. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  9. So consider this a test to see if Easy is now on the Auto-notify list.