Friday, December 03, 2004

Win, Lose Or Draw

Well folks, it's been nearly a year, so I decided to roll up my sleeves and attach some quantitative values to our decidedly qualitative experiences in WAGS. In short, the win-loss rates of our various players.

Although I can't really attach the Excel chart itself, I can post our respective records, in alphabetical order:

Easy: 29W, 56L, 0T = 34%

Kozure: 15W, 72L, 1T = 18%

Hapi/Ogami/????: 21W, 63L, 0T = 25%

Shemp: 32W, 53L, 1T = 38%

Tili: 1W, 3L, 0T = 25%

We have played 99 rounds of 39 different games in 45 sessions, averaging 2.2 rounds a session. The most played game is tied three ways between Domaine, Carcassonne and Princes of Florence.

One thing that this chart does not reflect is the rank order of finish, i.e. 1st, 2nd, 3rd or 4th, which might be more instructive. Since we have not been keeping track of this ranking quite so dilligently, I could not generate these statistics. Despite my relatively dismal win record, I do think that if points were awarded for 2nd or 3rd place, I would rank a little higher.

But, as it is, I am teh suXXor.


  1. All hail to Shemp, Grand Master Poobah Wagster!

    Kozure, I'm glad that you didn't list Falling! as the most played game, even though technically, it probably is.

    Funny that you did this, I was just in the process of putting toghether a list of most played games for the session history section of the blog. I'll probably still do it, but if you've already figured it out email it me the results (with numbers) if you can. I'm thinking about listing the top 5.

    It occurs to me that our Lord of the Rings Extravanganza weekend will be almost exactly 1 year after our first session. A fitting anniversary, I think!

    Now if I could only get Kozure, Tili and Luch to submit game ratings!!!!

  2. I graciously accept the title.

    I'd like to thank the other WAGS, and register my surprise at recieving this award. It was really an honour to just be among this talented group of peers.

    Seriously, I'm floored - me being the most frequent winner just doesn't seem possible. I had guessed that I was ranked last. It is gratifying to see things were pretty close, though.

    And Kozure, it's my turn to call YOU a madman. 'cause this statistics compilation is madness.

  3. In a good way, that is.

    In a good way.