Tuesday, January 18, 2005

Towards A More Rigourous Slack

This entry is mostly house-keeping, and likely of little interest. I'm just going to use this post to point at comments that I've added to dormant threads. I'll also note if there are any new rankings included in these comments, primarily for the benefit of Easy.

New Game rating for Blokus.
Revised rating for Princes of Florence.

No rating for Gammarauders.
General agreement on Wreckage.
Disagreeing with Easy about Robo-rally (slightly).
Blog love.

Rating Kung Fu Samurai.
HeroClix rating upgrade.

Accepting the 2004 WAGS crown, but nothing of consequence.

A statement to the Easylanders.
A rating for Lord of the Rings Risk.
A very brief discussion of basic points for generating El Grande tactics.

Revised rating for Chrononauts.
New rating for Chez Geek.
A mild dis of Falling!

I am still planning to respond to the Perfect Game thread and the General Role Playing thread in the near future. Whether that really happens or not is another story.


  1. Also, Easy, put me down for a Rating of 8 on Ideology: the War of Ideas. I added a brief comment to that one, but it's not really worth a whole new post to point you to it.

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