Monday, February 21, 2005

Things that happened on the way to Egypt

This Wednesday we turned the clock back and played a good ol' fashioned RPG. It is called "Beyond the Supernatural", and we participated in the continuation of a campaign started some 10 years ago (which was started as a pen and paper adventure, but eventually turned into play by email until it fizzled).

The cast of characters comprised of:
Stan McCormick, psi sensitive who calls himself a "Ghost Hunter and Auto Mechanic".
Sam Buchanan, a nega-psychic member of Interpol.
Helmut von Stauffenburg auf Ulm, a genius at math, science and lore (but otherwise mundane)

For background on the story and the characters, go here.

The start of the session saw the characters on a boat crossing to Egypt. We were promptly assaulted by a giant demon from the water (but not "of" the water). Stan did what he does best, which is shoot at stuff. Hemlut did what he does best, which is think of a rational way to overcome the situation, which in this case was to take advantage of the fact that he knew the thing would be weaker out of the water and catch it in our nets. Sadly, Sam also did what he does best, which was to ignore the whole situation and therefore wind up in the worst possible situation (in this case, dangling from the mouth of the creature). Lucky for us, teamwork(?) prevailed and we survived the encounter (the boat wasn't doing so well, however).

Upon arrival on land, we immediately got into trouble again. Supernatural evil was waiting for us and took advantage of our jaunt into town to get supplies! We came back to our damaged boat moments after leaving to find one our old enemies, Fearg O'Brien (a demon that Stan encountered in the past) stealing the stones we had worked so hard to collect. To everyone's horror, he surrounded himself with a nightmarish assortment of flying snakes and bats... unable to shake the fear, we were mostly ineffective in getting them back. We didn't let them get away easy, however! Stan and Sam worked together to drop the anchor on the boat to prevent Fearg from using it to get away. Stan managed to get his shotguns and Sam turned the boat so that it crashed into the docks. Meanwhile, Helmut detained a Irish punk who tried to distract us earlier by picking our pockets.

From the punk we discovered where Fearg and the rest of them were staying, and we generally spent the rest of the evening coming up with a series of improbable plans to get the stones back (Even though Stan wanted to just blow them up and be done with it... cooler heads prevailed). We'll see what happens in a month!

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  1. Hey, Easy -

    Good recap! I went in and adjusted a couple of little things, but impressive overall.

    You even spelled "Fearg" correctly!