Friday, April 07, 2006

Russia's Greatest Love Machine.

This week!

There was no EASY, hey!

But there was SHAMUS! Wow! And TILI! played also! Hey!

So we were four and five players for RA! and RA! and then RA!! (but played by the correct rules this time)

And Then Colossal Arena!! Wow!

Please forgive the jarring nature of the above. My brain has spent the last couple of weeks running out of my ear, slowly, and that is impacting both the quality of this report and the quality of game choice for this week, since I, Shemp, was dictating. (The quality of my grammar and sentence structure is also affected, apparently.)

We ordered Pizza and jumped right in to teaching Shamus how to play RA! Foolishly, we trusted Luch! to do the explainening, "reasoning" that he would know the rules inside out as a result of playing RA! Fifty Thousand Times! a! Day! on Brettspielwelt, Hey!

Should we have known better? Yes! We should have known better! HEY!!

But we didn't. SO, the first couple of games of Ra (one four player, one five) were played such that any player could draw a tile AND call Ra or draw a tile and play a God. So things were a little wackier than usual, and a little higher scoring, I think. It's difficult to say! Wow! I should leave the answer open to more frequent players! Wow! I think!

Then we played again, the right way, with Kozure holding the rule hammer, and things settled down. Lots of RA! leading to a sparse first couple of ages, and a lot of PRESS! YOUR! LUCK! type action in the last age.

When Tili was playing, she often heard "Do it! It's TOTALLY WORTH IT!" Whether it was worth it or not ~ she was remarkably tolerant of this.

Final Analysis: FUN! CLOSE! & I believe that Shamus enjoyed his introduction to this game, despite a rough first play. (I said that everyone has a first rough play? Is it true? I definitely did. Mos Def)

AND THEN: Some Colossal Arena to fill out the evening. I wasn't quite feeling it.

Not sure why! Hey!

Overall, Easy's goal was to come a distant fourth! Unachieved! Sixth for him!

But there will be further chances for redemption! Hey!

WAGS next Week? Sans Easy? Sans Shemp? HEY! Stay tuned and find out! True believers!!


Comment if you can and dare to.

(This is why we let Easy post usually. All of this.)


  1. Anonymous9:10 PM

    That's hilarious...

    Maybe it's part of his "shtick" to get rules wrong. He knows them just fine, but he likes to mess us up...

  2. Anonymous4:23 PM

    Step away from the exlamation point. You're wearing it out.

  3. Never! Too! Many! Ex!cla!ma!tion! Points!


    Although, when my brain isn't leaking out my ear, my posts do tend to make a more judicious use of punctuation.

    Still, I figure borderline coherence or worse is the quickest way to get Easy back here.

  4. Anonymous9:39 AM

    - - - T R U S T L U C H - - -