Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Western Expansion vs Waistline Expansion (Transamerica, Way Out West, High Society)

Three games and too much food.

July 21st saw a round of Transamerica, followed by the return of Way Out West and an evening capping play of High Society.

None of these games are new to us, so I won't get into the mechanics. Also, it's been a few weeks so my memory is getting hazy already! (I'd forget my own name if I didn't hear it often enough)

[Shemp Sez: (Click here for our previous discussion of Way Out West, including rules recap.)]

The only thing I remember about Transamerica is that I led the game by finishing first for 3 or 4 rounds. This never happens! I normally do very poorly at the game, so it was no wonder that the following round I was short by 6 (I think), and then again by 4 on the last round. I didn't LOSE, but I definitely didn't win. At least I know all is right in the universe.

Way Out West was fun as usual. Bharmer locked up San Antonia, while I concentrated on Kansas (with some opposition from Luch). Luch and Shemp sewed up Abalone and Dodge City, making solid money and looking like the leaders. Kozure saw the most movement, getting hammered on and booted out of a number of locations. Still, he made a solid comeback and really looked like a contender. I tried to branch out to Deadwood, and did reasonably well at that, but it wasn't enough. After the dust had settled, Shemp emerged victorious.

The game was also characterised by a number of particularly bloody gunfights, which would come down to each player's last man standing. I lost such a battle with Shemp in Kansas and it cost me the Store (though not the majority, thankfully).

I constantly underestimate the value of cattle during the game (by focusing too much thought on getting buildings on the table), and not enough on those buildings at the endgame. I'll have to work on that.

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