Monday, February 12, 2007

The Bloggening.

Blogger just forced itself on me.

So, I've upgraded to "The New Blogger" -- for the other authors, I think this means y'all must upgrade, also. Seems relatively painless, but my apologies for any pain that may occur.

The one interesting thing I've found so far is the ability to tag posts. I think that to start, game names and perhaps authors would be relevant tags to use. I'm sure we'll get the feel for it as we go along.

Hm. So as to keep all the non-game garbage in one post, how about we address some other things, as well. Shall we? Good, let's continue.

1) You're not hallucinating, I've been messing with the background again. Less ugly? Let me know in comments.

2) I've been neglecting the blog, but Easy posts consistently and well, thankfully. Would the blog be a better reading experience if others posted more often? Others like me, or Kozure? (Not saying we will, just wondering.) Would y'all prefer that I don't post? Could Tili add a second post? Should we offer the keys to Bharmer again? Any other nominees? Input from readers we don't know would be valued most highly, in the comments.

3) I'm thinking about adding other game blogs to the sidebar; I started this a while ago and got bogged down. Any nominees? Preferably of the sort that update regularly. Let me know. In the comments.

4) The official tag for these kind of non-game related posts will be "Bloggening" Love it, use it.

5) Apropos of nothing: my browser's spell checker wants Kozure to be either "azure" or "seizure", while it would prefer that LUCH be named "lute", "lunch", "lurch", "such" or "ouch". Bharmer could be a "harmer" or a "charmer"; evil twin style! It doesn't like Shemp, either, but offers only "hemp" as an alternative. Disappointing, if not surprising.

Agent Easy is perfectly acceptable, apparently.

6) Any other ideas, suggestions, recipes, links to stuff nsfw, drag racing tips, spam, or further miscellany: in the comments!


  1. Anonymous6:34 PM

    ouch is good for me

  2. 1) Yes, it's less ugly. It's still not nice, though. Sorry.

    2) I love it when you guys post. For one thing, your posts seem to generate more discussion. If there is one thing I miss about the early days of the blog, it's that the reaction to a post often was as interesting as the post itself. It's fun to write, but I find it more interesting to know everyone's opinion than just my own.

    However, If I'm going to be writing the blog on any particular week, I normally want to do it on the Thrusday or Friday following the session. I think it's because my memory is bad and I quickly start to forget the details! Anyway, the bottom line is that I'm happy to write or not write, but if you want to do it let me know because I wouldn't want to beat you to the punch.

    3) Gone gaming ( is a good blog which updates regularly. Chris Brooks I also find interesting because he is raising kids and gaming ( Yehuda at posts very frequently and has a very interesting point of view.

    4) I suggest "bloggery"

    5) Agent Easy IS perfectly acceptable. Desirable even. Perhaps luscious, even.

  3. 1) I have a feeling the look will change radically as soon as I finish implementing the NEW blogger stuff. I will strive to make it less ugly than it is now, without becoming not-ugly.

    2) Probably comments have slowed down only because the rate of discovering new games, and new things about old games, has slowed down. If I ever want to post something, I just do, without worrying about whether someone else has or not. I don't think we need to stick to only one post a week, and it's often interesting to see the multiple posts in a Rashomon sort of way.

    3) I'll add them.

    4) Bloggery is good, but bloggening is done.

    5) Keep telling yourself that.

  4. I usually try to post a comment if I have something to say.

    The "new look" is not much different than the old look; not worse, not better, in my opinion.

    I have recently started a blog on a completely non-game related subject, here:

    ... so I too was bloggen..ed? Bloggenated?

    Anyhoo... I've been forceably ugraded as well, so I feel your pain.

    I try to post new threads, but given that to avoid being negligent about my job I try to only write and post on lunch hours during the day (I currently don't have time in the evenings), I often find I've been beaten to the punch by the perfectly acceptable Agent Easy, so I usually end up just commenting. The other part of it is sheer laziness.

    'Twould be better if all of us posted more often, methinks.

    Oh, by the way "Lowenherz" seems to have choked on a umlaut and puked all over itself in your sidebar.

  5. Ah, almost forgot. I tried this recipe over the weekend and it worked very well.

    Sweet n' Savoury Ribs

    4 lbs pork back ribs
    1/2 cup applesauce (I used sweetened)
    3/4 cup BBQ rib sauce (Bullseye Bold Original worked well for me)
    1/2 tsp each crushed pepper and dry mustard
    1/4 tsp each ground ginger and ground cinnamon

    Cut ribs into 2 to 4 rib sections. Mix remaining ingredients; set aside.
    Place ribs in large saucepan or Dutch oven. Add enough cold water to completely cover ribs; cover pan with lid. Bring to boil on medium-high heat. Reduce heat to medium-low; simmer 20 min. Drain.
    Preheat grill to medium heat. Grill ribs 10 min. or until cooked through (160°F), turning occasionally and brushing generously with the barbecue sauce mixture.

    This recipe is from the Kraft website.

    I broiled the ribs in the oven instead of the BBQ and it worked fine. I really liked the recipe - quick, easy and a really tasty result. Back ribs are somewhat expensive, unfortunately - at about $15 for a package of about 12-14 ribs which will serve two hungry adults, it's not the cheapest dish around.

  6. Hm. That's ...... minimal. (the redesign) But the new formatting will be much easier to change / keep updated. I think I like.


    A recipe! Now I just need the drag racing tips.

    No sweat on the fact you don't have a lot of time to post, but I think we should open ourselves to brief posts as well; not everything need be a treatise.

  7. Anonymous7:54 PM

    Tips on drag racing:

    (assuming you have a manual transmission)

    1. Drive up to the starting line, wink at the cute girls on the side of the road, glare menacingly at your opponent.

    2. Clutch in, select first gear, rev the engine to its sweet spot (usually 3-4000 rpm) and hold it there.

    3. When the starter drops his/her arms, pop the clutch and modulate the gas to keep the rpms at the sweet spot until the tires get total traction.

    4. Just slightly before the redline stomp the clutch in and out as quickly as possible, simultaneously throwing the gearbox into second as quickly as possible. Don't take your foot off the gas at all during this process.

    5. If you miss a gear, swerve the car around a bit and come up with some lame excuse like, "I hit a wet spot." Immediately re-challenge your opponent.

    6. If you get to the finish line ahead of your opponent, hit your hazard lights or do something else equally lame.

    7. If you notice your opponent pulling ahead of you, pull off to the side of the road before the end, citing "mechanical problems." Buy a bigger exhaust pipe and re-challenge your opponent next time.

    8. Don't crash.

    If you follow these simple tips, you too can become a fabulous boy-racer.

    p.s.- I like the new look of the main page, but the comments page leaves something to be desired.


  8. Much nicer. Only problem is that read links are almost illegible (the blue is too dark)

  9. And Bharmer comes through with the racing tips!

    Although, of course, I don't endorse drag racing outside closed courses and properly supervised times. Of course I don't. hm.

    Think I got the followed links to a more legible colour, Easy, thanks for picking that out. Likely these things all look slightly different depending on one's monitor/browser/OS, so it's good to know. And probably bad to have the colour blind guy doing the design, but, you know, oh well.

    AND yeah, the comments page stinks. I don't think I have any control over that, sadly. If I find out that I DO have control over that, it'll change, pronto.

  10. Anonymous9:07 AM

    looks very classy!

    not sure about the title though

    'wagsening' is a bit repetative with 'wags' already there.

    its good that we let the blog world in on the '-ening' thing


    the 'ENINGENING'

    how about 'gamening' or 'boardsgamening'



    OUCH (as named bye the all knowing all seeing spellcheck)

  11. Anonymous9:08 AM

    also, might be nice to have a random comments section that isn't connected to a particular session


  12. Well, Ouch, if you ever end up registering, you could make a post whenever you wanted, about whatever you wanted.

    AND the repetition is the part that makes it funny! GET IT?!?! HAHAHAHAHAHA>

    Or something.

  13. ok how about

    THE WAGSENING (huge big font)

    subtitled (wee font below)

    wags chronicles II