Monday, March 31, 2008

Ketchup (Perikles, For Sale!, Jungle Speed)

I'm behind, so I'm just going to write briefly about our game session nearly two weeks ago.

Jaywowzer joined us. We let him pick this time, and he asked to play Perikles... we were happy to acknowledge.

This was our first five player game. The impact wasn't major, other than seeing the persians used more regularly. On the other hand, the experience felt more watered down than our first few games. Not sure if the bloom is coming off the rose, or if I just prefer it with fewer players. Actually, now that I think about it, it's probably the number of players. In any game where players are all playing in the same sandbox, more players means more things change before your turn comes up (which means less control/ more chaos). In Perikles, having less control didn't feel right.

I tried to see what would happen if I simply stuffed the board with cubes and left them there (since they are worth a point each at the end of the game, it seemed like it might work... it takes a lot of 3-5 point battles to make 30 points!) However, I was too single minded: I won only two statues, and one of those was worthless. I won very few battles with the persian armies. All in all, I think I came in 3rd or 4th.

Not sure what Jawowzer thought of it, but I think he liked it.

We then played a hand of For Sale! Not much to say. Fun. Light.

We capped the evening with the return of Jungle Speed. I was at the top of my game, and won (though I jockeyed for first with Luch for several turns before winning).

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