Thursday, June 26, 2008

The men who saved, and then sold, the world (Fairy Tale, Pandemic, Traders of Genoa)

Remember Fairy Tale? We played it almost exactly three years ago when Jaywowzer brought over his copy. I felt it was a good game, but nothing spectacular. I recently received it as part of my last math trade, so I figured I'd give it a whirl. Guess what? Nothing's changed. It's decent.

Next, we played Pandemic. Reinforcing my theory that the luck of the draw is a rather overwhelming factor in the game, we followed a two game losing streak (6 if you count Kozure and Tili's games at Tabscon) with a rather easy win tonight. It didn't start off well, as Bharmer's first player card was once again an epidemic card. Lucky for us, however, we had very little difficulty getting sets together for cures, and the pandemics never really got into chain reaction territory. It was great finally registering a win, though, so I'm not complaining. Lots of fun.

We finished the evening with a game of the venerable Traders of Genoa. Predictably, I went with an ownership marker strategy. I managed to get one on the cathedral (ownership markers), the post office (messages) and all four goods buildings. They paid off.

Thankfully, too, because other than delivering messages I wasn't accomplishing too much. As the game wore on, I felt that I was quickly losing the lead my marker business had given me. I decided to use a "start anywhere" marker to start in the middle of the board and therefore shorten the game by a round. I did win, but it was very close (795, 770, 720, 695). 

Luch has to win a prize for most complex turns. He managed to play the entire tower on a couple of occasions by playing a flurry of additional action chips.

Ironically, Glory to Rome was the game we had all picked as the carry-over game from last week. It didn't make it on the table this week, but maybe next week?

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