Saturday, November 07, 2009

Hunhh, wha? movin'! ungh... zombies gah. (Last Night on Earth x3, Zombie Fluxx x8)

Luch, Kozure and I gathered for a belated halloween session at WAGS. The flu has been having it's way with many of us of late... I couldn't make it last week, and Shemp was out of action this week. Maybe zombies aren't all we have to fear.

Last Night on Earth
We've played LNoE every halloween for a few years now. It's a notable improvement over the Zombies! games we tolerated before, but it's not our favorite type of game either. Still, it's a nice yearly diversion.

We started with the "Burn 'em out!" scenario. Luch and I were the heroes and Kozure was the zombies. In this scenario, the heroes need to find explosives and then detonate them in three of the zombie spawning pits. As the sexy cowgirl, I ran to the barn and took on some evil dead with the help of a meat cleaver early on. Sadly, I was outmatched and she fell. By the time we managed to destroy our first spawning pit, we were already halfway to the end of our time limit. Luckily, the three last three heroes did manage to find some dynamite and rushed the infested pits and successfully destroyed them with a few rounds remaining.

We then switched to the "Defend the Manor" scenario. I played the Zombies, and rolled 11 starting zombies. They lumbered towards the manor as the heroes ran about looking for a way to defend themselves. As quickly as it started, the scenario was over... the zombies made it en masse to the manor and Kozure and Luch were helpless to prevent it. It was too quick, and therefore unsatisfying. We rebooted and tried again with the exact same setup. In their second attempt, more attention was paid to drawing out the zombies from the manor using their "hunger" against them. It came down to the wire.. on the final turn the zombies momentarily overran the manor (I say momentarily because the heroes then drew them out). Since we thought the zombies needed to end the turn with enough in the manor we ended the game thinking the heroes had won, but in fact the rules state that the zombies win instantly if they EVER get enough zombies in the manor.

Zombie Fluxx

We played several hands of Zombie Fluxx to end the evening (I'm estimating 8, but I don't really know). Things started out slow, because understanding the cards takes a bit of time. As the hands went on, things started getting a lot faster and the experience became much more fun. The humour is decent, too.

You'd think a game this random would eventually allow all players to win. Not so. I was winless for all 8 rounds... Maybe I just suck.

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