Wednesday, December 30, 2009

2009 in review

Well, it's that time again. Here are the stats on the games we played this year:

10x Zombie Fluxx

8x Dominion: Intrigue

5x Cosmic Encounter
Space Alert

4x Steam
Galaxy Trucker
Glory to Rome
In the Year of the Dragon

3x Age of Conan
Last Night on Earth
Through the Ages

2x Die Macher
Roll Through the Ages
Mare Nostrum
Taj Mahal
Through the Desert
Chicago Express
Down in Flames
So Long Sucker!

1x Android
Race for the Galaxy
The End of the Triumvirate
The Republic of Rome
Railroad Tycoon
Mission: Red Planet
Small World
Blue Moon City
El Grande
Le Havre
Jungle Speed
Fury of Dracula
Battlestar Galactica

That represents 117 sessions of 52 different games (games played with expansions haven't been identified). Having Zombie Fluxx at the top is rather embarrassing, but I will note that those were almost all in one sitting during our Halloween session. Dominion: Intrigue saw multiple plays on multiple days, so that is far more legitimate.

My favorite game this year : Steam
My favorite new filler : Excape
My biggest surprise : Mare Nostrum (reviews on BGG are mixed, but I really enjoyed the two sessions we had)
My favorite expansion : Pandemic - On the Brink

Random notes:

- Vegas Showdown has been very popular with my extended family, as well as Thebes. Neither Settlers of Catan or Ticket to Ride saw much play this year, though TtR seems like it will have enough legs to see some play for quite a while.

- I acquired Ghost Stories in a math trade somewhat against my better judgement (did I really need another cooperative game?). I'm glad I did. I enjoy playing games solo and this is my favorite so far. Other games that I own that I've enjoyed solo are limited by the fact there are no winning conditions... they are simply a race for VPs. Given a random setup each time it's hard to really compare how you are doing between plays (ex: Agricola/ Race for the Galaxy/ Steam (with expansion map)). Lord of the Rings is great in this regard because you have a concrete goal to achieve. The problem is that it's quite long to setup and play. Ghost Stories has both a concrete winning condition and short play time, yet still manages to offer a different game every time (since the setup is random, the player powers are random, etc). I have no idea how this one will play with a group, but even if it stinks I will be very happy owning this game.

- Conflict of Heroes : Storms of Steel is my only new wargame acquired this year. I did manage to play a session with Kozure that was lots of fun. I like the changes to the rules... the gameplay is more fluid and it feels more wide open than before. The planes work well without changing things to much. Good stuff.

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  1. Anonymous12:31 PM

    Thanks for another year of great session reports. I always look forward to reading them.

    If you like playing games solo, you might want to give Tales of the Arabian Nights a look. I enjoyed the game as a group game for the crazy stories that developed, but always felt like it ended just as my character was finally coming into his own. The solo game is a much different experience. The game is still just as random, but because the victory conditions are much harder to acheive, you have time to acquire a lot more skills and treasures, which adds a lot to the rags to riches story arc. I actually enjoy it best solo now. It isn't nearly as fast as Ghost Stories (which I also really enjoy solo), but it can be polished off in an hour or so and can be a great ride.

    Happy New Year, WAGSters!