Tuesday, May 18, 2010

New Record Set!! (Battle Line, Dominion, Dominion:Intrigue, Race for the Galaxy

So, they were going to play Cyclades, which was Kozure's selection, as he was dictator this week.

Unfortunately, I didn't show up until 11pm. I was stuck at a function that should have been over at 9pm. Oh well.

Kozure and Shemp played Battle Line and Dominion/ Dominion: Intrigue, and from the sounds of it they played quite a few times.

(Shemp started this post, and I'm publishing it to keep them all in order. I presume his title refers to many games played)

When I arrived, we played another game of Dominion and then Kozure and I had a hand of Race for the Galaxy.

Sorry, not very interesting, but there it is.


  1. NO! The record was for lateness, set by YOU, Easy.

  2. Also, Ra was played, as a three player, w/ Tili. I think it was only one hand. Shockingly, I kicked glutes, w/ a giant monument fueled final round. There were 3 hands of Dominion/Dominion:Intrigue, hereafter to be known as D/D:I -- the first two were extremely close, and split btwn Kozure and myself. The third one was a bit of a blowout for me. Of notable interest was the fact that we used the witch for the first time; in that game I did my best to get witches quickly in an attempt to junk up Kozure's hand w/ curses. The strategy proved ineffective due to the presence of a card that allowed Kozure to trash from his hand. Was it the Moat? It may have been. Then we had two hands of Battle Line, which was new to me. Enjoyed it quite a bit, and we split two hands of the basic game, w/o using any of the advanced orders. The first game I made a LOAD of rookie mistakes, but that set me up for winning the second time; presumably Kozure got overconfident [JOKES!! Kozure does not get overconfident] [I however, do, as we saw in Cyclades]

    THEN, YOU, EASY, SHOWED UP, AT 10:55. You work too much, at your unspecified job. They do not pay you enough. Please adjust your priorities. They should be as follow:

    1. WAGS
    2. Other gaming
    3. Family
    4. Work

    [JOKES, AGAIN] [Family and other gaming can be switched] [FURTHER JOKES]

    or something. Anyhow, that's my story, and I'm sticking to it.