Wednesday, June 16, 2010

More Martin (Perikles, Bacchus Banquet x2)

A.K.A. or good games that are best with more than 3.


Perikles was well loved when we first played it. That was a four player game, and we have sinced played it 5 player and 3 player. In my opinion, 4 player was the best.

With three players, there are too many cities to vie for. It's not a huge problem, because they are not all equal (some have better armies, others are worth more VPs). Still, there was definitely less tension.

I did very poorly. I was getting neither the nominations to rule, nor the victories in battle. On many occasions, I realized I should have spread my forces to be in a position to get the VPs as the prime attacker/ defender, but didn't. I don't know.

It was much closer between Shemp and Kozure, but I don't remember who won.

I still liked it, but I wish we had been four.

Bacchus' Banquet

We played two hands of this odd little game. I started out as Caligula and won by getting the food and wine necessary to fulfill my goal. I also won the second hand as one of the characters that require 3 daggers. We had some nice doublethink going on with the gifting, and a few good uses of special cards messing up people's plans.

One of the issues with this game, other than it is yet another game better with 4 than 3 (probably even better with 5) is that the game length varies wildly between plays. If you are looking for daggers, you might have to wait a while if all that comes out is food.

Fun enough. Definitely different.

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