Tuesday, June 14, 2011

The Raw of Go(f) (Go)

Shemp and I played Go. We drew randomly for side. Shane won despite me playing black. Pretty substantial loss for me (though not completely crushing), mostly due to my attempt to invade which went disastrously wrong and resulted in a lot of prisoners for him.

I played another game of Go on Saturday with an opponent at TABS which was a real back-and-forth battle. Neither of us was never certain who had the upper hand until the end. My opponent won, but it wasn't quite the same blowout as the game against Shemp, because I learned my lesson and didn't try a foolish invasion, opting instead to pass, which my opponent took. Pretty close. I lost, even though I was black, so again, not a good showing, but this guy had over 40+ finished computer games under his belt where I have many fewer.

They say that one should lose one's first 100 games of Go quickly... I'm on my way to that.

I still really like this game.

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