Wednesday, February 01, 2006

I'm Billy from Interpol, I have salt on my zipper and I want a muffin membership (RPG, High Society x2)

This week marked the return of RPGing to WAGS.

With all three characters one the verge of death, wandering aimlessly in an unknown world they just RIFTED into, the session was understandibly dedicated to finding safe haven and rest.

The strange man from the trailer in the field gave us some salt and rations before we shoved off. After some discussion, we decided to head for the relatively near town of Wichen. On the way, we witnessed a floating ball of light scouring an open field (a probe? a Will'O Wisp?) and witnessed a massive battle between a giant cyclops, various werewolves and goblins and a giant robot.

Skirting around the fight, we found oursleves stuck on one side of a giant river. Behind us, the pounding of footsteps made it obvious that the robot had survived the fight and was heading our way. Lucky for us, it was heavily damaged and collapsed before it reached us. Upon closer inspection, the robot was being "driven" by a human inside! After treating the human, we discovered many things:

We were actually in a parallel or future version of the US. The river was the Mississipi. The human was part of an army patrol who's duty was to scour the "Magic Zone" we were in. The army came from Chitown in the North, a centre of the "Confederation". The Confederation was intolerant of anything magical, paranormal, or "different" in any way. As we hadn't let on that I was a Psychic Sensitive, and since we look outwardly normal, he agreed to take us to a nearby settlement. He also told us that Devil's Gate, a city across the river which cast a large glow even from a distance, was a center for all things magical and was therefore an enemy. We also discovered that the Federation employed "Psi-Units", groups specially trained to identify supernaturals... not a good sign for Stan.

At the small town, we encountered a "doctor" who seemed to be a cybernetic implant surgeon (and a shady one at that). He shot us up with some type of drug which would promote healing, but we were still in rough shape.

It was at this point that we found out that the "Walker in the East" was tearing up nearby villages looking for whoever was responsible for killing the "Walker in the West". Problem was, that was us (it was an accident... a chunk of the temple we blew up in our native world RIFTED with us and crushed him). We still don't really know what a "Walker" is, but it's apparently aligned with the Devil's Gate, so it's likely to be plenty "supernatural".

We stopped since it was getting late and an encounter with the Walker would likely take a while. Shemp commented on how he was surprised that we were so restrained. He shouldn't have been! We were so close to dying we couldn't risk any sort of combat, much less in a world we don't understand against opponents which are several magnitudes more powerful.

For posterity, had Stan been feeling better he would likely have "borrowed" the robot armor vehicle and raced north to the city with Sam and Helmut. I bet that would have led to a confrontation with the Walker much sooner, probably right after the battle with the rest of the army units waiting nearby...

Now that we're getting a feeling for the dynamics of the place, and were not in complete dire straights health wise, I suspect the next session will involve far more pyrotechnics.

(We killed the last 20 minutes with 2 hands of High Society. Kozure won the first and Shemp won the second)

...and no, I'm not going to explain the blog title. It's an amalgamation of missunderstood sentences and poorly conceived plans which somehow came together in a sentence which had us all laughing late in the evening.

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