Thursday, February 23, 2006

Rules Misinterpretations That Can Have a Big Impact...

A quick post to indicate that a mistake was made in the explanation of "Royal Turf", played in the most recent session. Turns out that you roll the die first, and then you choose which horse to move. A re-reading of the rules made this clearer.


Pretty major effect on gameplay, especially for the "faster" horses like Earl Grey and Albino - and much more opportunity to screw over your opponents, especially with horseshoe rolls.

Improves the game quite a bit, probably.

Another rule that was missed is that the horse cards from each race are discarded, so they are not used in subsequent races. In this way, each horse is sure to eventually use all three horse card variants.

Funny how a few slight misinterpretations can have a big impact. I'd say "my bad", but I really hate that expression, so I'll just say "ooops."


  1. I wasn't that interested in trying this one again, despite my love of betting, and the ponies.

    HOWEVER, with this rule clarification, things have changed. The corrected rule sounds like it would make things...interesting.

  2. Actually, I nearly suggested this one over a second round of Fantasy Business mostly because I was sure I was missing something... Surely a Knizia game wasn't ENTIRELY random? I thought that another try would reveal something... now I'm really glad we didn't bother!