Wednesday, January 16, 2008

In the cornfields of Greece (Perikles, To Court the King)

I'm just going to post something quick, since it's already Tuesday and I don't want to fall behind.

We played our second session of Perikles. Shemp wasn't around, so last week's crown wasn't contested. Bharmer was playing his first game, and as usual this didn't seem to hold him back much. Having learned a few lessons previously, we didn't let anyone get too many statues in the lucrative city states of Corinth, Thebes and (? I forget the name of the last one. Margle or something). Battles seemed to be fought with more purpose, as we tried to knock down the value of certain cities and snap up points for battles elsewhere. In my final round, I explored the use of the persian armies and found them very powerful. In fact, between the fact that ignoring the pursuit for kingship saves you many cubes in the process, and spares you from wasting resources defending your invesments in battle, there seems to be many immediate advanages. You are free to place as many cubes as possible and leave them there, and then attack the big point battles in force. I'm sure there's a winning strategy there. Unfortunately, I didn't find it right away... Kozure won a very close game.

I'm happy to say that Perikles remained extremely engaging. It actually seemed FAR less random and opaque in our second playing... leading me to believe that there is a solid and balanced game in addition to a compelling one.

We finished with To Court the King. This was my first time playing with more than 2 players. Still perfectly enjoyable, but definitely something I could lose from my collection without worrying about it. I'm quite sure this will make it onto the next local math trade.

Alas, I did not witness any prevenge this time around.

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