Saturday, March 17, 2012

It's been a while. again. (Flashpoint, Die Bergen Von Burgund, Scrabble Slam, Vikings x2, Roma 2 x3)

Hmm, having a hard time keeping up with the blog these days.

A few weeks ago we played Flashpoint. It was good, and would probably work well as a family or non-gamer group game due to the compelling theme. Based on the one play, which we won handily, I don't see myself suggesting it for WAGS though. Very similar to Pandemic, though without the clever mechanism that compounds the threat of disease (the infected cities discard gets added back on top of the deck).

More Bergen Von Burgund, though this time we tried the advanced boards. Still enjoying it, though unlike the others in the group I think I prefer Macao slightly. The different boards were fun, though.

This week we were supposed to be 5 but in a weird twist of fate Bearbomb, Perra and Kozure couldn't make it at the last minute! 2 player games it was.

We played Vikings, and that was fun though there seemed to be far more available money with only 2 players. Wether tried the advanced variant (which we had never played before). It adds a new series of special function tiles that you get if you take the most expensive tile in the rondel. In,our first round, we went a little crazy buying the expensive tiles to get the power tiles. Unfortunately, for several rounds afterwards we were broke and had to take the free tile all the way around. We both salvaged our positions and were able to finish the game with respectable boards, though, and both enjoyed the advanced rules quite a bit (though we opted to skip the auction variant). One thing I will say, this is truly and advanced variant. It's not just more complicated or different, as is the case with most expert variants. It's actually harder strategically. The bonus tiles can be very powerful, but you can go broke doing it. We were surprised how much more thinking power was required!

Finished up with 3 sessions of Roma. I won the last one and that might be a first.

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