Monday, April 23, 2012

Boring Old Record Keeping

The record keeper blew the dust off the ledger and laid open the cracking spine. The pages waterfalled like October leaves.

Brushing a gnarled hand over the pages, he made some very boring notations in a spidery hand:

The March 1st and March 29th sessions were cancelled due to lack of attendees. The February 2nd session was also cancelled (I'm noting that in case anyone has to forensically reconstruct their play list at BGG for the year, as I had to go back and correct some notations).

On April 5th we played two sessions of 7 Wonders (victors unremembered), followed by a session of Panic Station (Agent Easy was original bug(?), David and Shemp joined them, bugs were victors.). On April 12, we played Risk Legacy (curiously, I can't remember whether Shemp or Agent East won; it was one of them - I think it was Shemp, which would make it two for two for him), Beowulf (strangely, once again, I can't remember the victor, though I think I was up there) and Jungle Speed (Kozure won).

Last week, April 19th, there was only Shemp and I. We played Dragon Dice with my son Daigoro. I don't have a lot of time for commentary on the game except to say it was actually "deeper" as a playing experience than I was expected - there's some difficult and interesting play choices to be made, and there's enough chrome to keep it interesting. Still not sure about long term replay-ability apart from the customization aspect of it, but willing to play again. We had to call it for time (Daigoro had to head to bed), but Shemp was well on his way to victory.

We finished the evening with two games of Jungle Wars - Deep Dwarves (Shemp) vs. Mountain Vargath (Me) and Sand Goblins (Shemp) vs. Jungle Elves. (Me). I won both games, more from my greater experience with the game than through any stellar play. Shemp was starting to pick up on the flow by the end.

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