Wednesday, March 23, 2005

Things That Happened In Egypt

Last week saw the further adventures of Helmut, McCormick, and Buchanan, as they raced against the calendar, and evil demons, in their quest to save the world, continued from one month previously.

(Further background can be found here)

This month was highlighted by, uh, research. Maybe not the most exciting of sessions, but very, very necessary to our heroes, who were able to make some educated guesses about why they have been running around two continents like mad people. Helmut the genius proved his worth yet again, and fancy driving by both Buchanan and McCormick staved off enemy attackers and threw some wrenches into Fearg O'Brien's evil plans.


Buchanan, Helmut, & McCormick (BHM) decided against taking the artifact back from O'Brien by force, and instead watched O'Brien and his cultists leave at dawn.

Buchanan tailed the cultists across Egypt's Deserted Highway, through a vehicle change, and to a roadblock outside Luxor, more than half a day away from Alexandria.

Meanwhile, H&M poked around the cultist's hideout, sensed that O'Brien may have been dabbling in Necromancy, and hit the University for some research.

As stated above, Helmut discovered lots of arcane arcana, er, stuff. After that, H&M headed along the deserted highway themselves, narrowly escaping a drive-by assault limo, driven by someone who knew our protagonists!

Meanwhile, Buchanan, having disabled two of the cultists three vehicles at a roadblock, chased O'Brien and other into a building. Being extremely lucky, he was able to avoid an ambush in the basement, but in the act of retreating lost his quarry.

Eventually BH&M met up in Luxor, and, in furthering some cockamamie plan, convinced local authorities to allow some of the captured cultists to escape.

Buchanan trailed the cultists, and has O'Brien's presumed HQ under surveilance.

Meanwhile, H&M have travelled to an archeological site outside Karnak, attempting to secure the aid of parapsychologist Prof. S. Aziz in the upcoming confrontation with evil. The meeting went well, but upon leaving, McCormick sensed something...Supernatural Evil!

It's March 15th, 1995, approx. 10:30 PM, and for this group, the clock is ticking.

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